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Scales Textbook For Guitar"Guaranteed to learn scales for guitar" is not a further scalable collection, but a guide for the guitar fretboard with a comprehensive methodical approach to learn scales and arpeggios on the guitar.

  • By Bernd Kiltz
  • Octaves, arpeggios, transitions, tensions, shapes
  • For pentatonic, major scale and their modes, minor scales, harmonic major, 3-note per-string scales, balanced scales, blues scales
  • The enclosed DVD helps to learn movement sequences through close-ups
  • With a variety of MP3 play-a-longs
  • In notation and tablature
  • Total 2.5 hours of video material
  • With 100 MP3 Play Alongs
  • ISBN 978-3-943638-72-1
  • 148 pages
  • In German language

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