Adams MSHV 43 Solist Marimba A=443

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Adams MSHV 43 Solist Marimba - 4 1/3 octaves (A2-C7), Honduras rosewood bars (58-40mm) A=443Hz, height adjustable (85-105cm). Dimensions: length: 185cm, low end: 90cm, high end: 40cm. Weight: 55kg. Includes mallets and cover. This instrument has been imported/manufactured before the wood that was used has been put under protection of species by the CITES agreement and the EC Council Regulation 338/97. The instrument in question is a registered pre-convention, registered Import License: 14NL220332/11, D.D. 24-09-2014, Ministry of Economic Affairs, CITES Management Authority, The Hague, Netherlands

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